Lines In Palms And Their Meanings

Palm Reading, or also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, is indeed an ancient art of interpreting others’ hands or palms to categorize them, based on their shapes, lengths, positions, etc. Through studying the lines in palm, palmists will be intuitive enough to unfold a lot of hidden facts about the querents, and then foresee their potential growth on the whole. As soon as the hands are interpreted, practitioners shall keep their focused eyes on the types of palms, thumbs, fingers, and many visible lines, i.e. Head Line, Life Line, Fate Lines, Heart Line, and so on. Therefore, if we are really absorbed in the palm lines & their meanings, it’s advised to take part in Palmistry-related zones now!

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Mysteries Around Analyzing Palm Lines

Lines In Palms And Their Meanings
  • - Marriage line

In palm reading, this line indicates romance while the strong one can denote a happy marriage. As a result, the lower the Marriage line is, the later wedlock can be. Furthermore, the number of strong lines may imply how many marriages we may have in the future.

  • - Fate line

The Fate line is depicted as one of the most vital lines in our palm although not all of people own this special line. In case the line has many changes or breaks of direction, it can reveal that we’re prone to different changes in life from the conditions we find it hard to control well. Plus, if the line starts joining to the Life line, then we’re reported to be self-made individuals. Often, we shall know early just what our life aspirations are.

  • - Life line

The Life line stands for our health and vitality. Some ones also say that the longer it is, the longer our life will be. However, it’s not totally true. In fact, there are lots of members who have a short Life line, but they still live for more than 70 years. Thus, this line simply represents the quality of our life, not the length.

  • - Heart line

As also one of the major lines in our hand, the Heart line often manages our emotions and events related to love and relationship. On a regular basis, the deeper our Heart line is, the warmer our devotions may be. In case that it begins under the index finger, then it’ll mean that our love life tends to be content and normal!

  • - Head line

The Head line basically manages our beliefs, intelligence, and mentality. It also often shares the start point with the Life line or even be a little higher than the Life line, and then spans over half of our palm.

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