What Is Palm Reading Chart And Its Explanation?

It can be said that palm reading is one of the branches of the Astrology, where lines and creases on a person’s palm are used to foretell the future figure out the clear and hidden personalities. Although there is much controversy about the truthfulness and reliability of palm reading, it still manages to attract a lot of people all over the world. Of course, you can find all in a palm reading chart. In order to help you understand more, we will show what is in the palm reading chart and its explanation?

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What Is Palm Reading Chart And Its Explanation?

Almost palm readers often start reading by using their customer’s dominant hand. So, which hand is the dominant one? The answer is the hand you use the most. In recent days, because of many cultural variations and the palm reader’s exclusive styles, there are some different concepts about the importance of the left and right hand. All in all, the good idea is to observe both hands.

You need to know that your lines are availed to examine your future and traits. The four major lines that are considered as the Heart line, Head line, Life line and Fate line when getting a palm reading guide for free. Keep in mind that each line will represent a different area of life.

  • The Heart line is located at the top, and it’s read from the edge of the palm below the pinky finger toward the thumb. This line often unravels some secret information about a person’s romance, love, attraction, flirtation, emotional aspects, and sentimental stability.
  • The Head line is found under the Heart line. Certainly, this line will mention a person’s intellect, learning style, brainpower, intelligent behavior, brain-relating activities and communication demeanor.
  • The Life line is spotted at the bottom of the palm, and it’s read from the edge of the palm above the thumb toward the wrist. It mainly symbolizes a person’s life-span, vitality, longevity, and common well-being.
  • The Fate line is identified from the bottom of the palm, and it’s near the wrist up to the middle of the palm. One special thing is that not all of people have this line on their palm. So, don’t worry if you don’t this line. The Fate line often represents a person’s life road and how his/her fortune will be affected by the uncontrollable situations.

Don’t be backward to ask us anything referring to the title “Palm Reading Chart And Explanation” . We’re pleased and ready to answer to help you understand more about palmistry.


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