Palm Reading Diagram

We all know that our hand will be split into 2 primary categories including the palm and the fingers. While the fingers tend to symbolize our interaction with others, the palm will indicate our personal characteristics.

Among other aspects, once interpreting the palm, we often analyze the lines and mounts. It is time to consult the palmistry diagram to discover some concealed secrets about our palm now!

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Palm reading diagram – Palm Line Analysis

Palm Reading Diagram

According to lots of the talented and experienced Palmists, the palm will include 4 mae Heart line, the Fate line, and thjor lines including the Life line, the Head line. Of course, each of these lines will be attached to different features and traits. Want to know more? The following below are their careful interpretations:

The Life line
This line often starts from between the thumb and index finger, and then runs downwards the wrist. On a regular basis, it will document the bond we have with our family members as well as graphing our energy levels.

One of the popular mistakes claimed by some readers is that a short Life line is an indicator of the short life. Nevertheless, instead, it is considered as the strength and depth of the life line, compared with the other lines.

The Head line
Generally, the line will begin between our thumb and index finger, and then slop downwards the left side of our palm. It usually represents the fortitude of one’s mind and her artistic capacity. A short line reveals few interests. Thus, this person can specialize in some specific areas. Furthermore, the broken line implies the various interests and diverse jobs.

The Heart line
To be considered as the uppermost main line, this Heart line will run underneath the pinky towards the index finger. It often represents how we interact with as well as responding to others and beings surrounding us. In some situations, it also documents our input into the relationships we have.

The long and curved line refers to the warmhearted individual; a straight line stands for the self-centered character whilst a short and faint line indicates a person who can lack the feeling of love.

The Fate/Destiny line
This line tends to begin from the bottom center of our palm and then run towards the ring and middle fingers. Sometimes, it is not easy to realize at all.

Basically, it will document a person’s career path and the consistencies in the work environment.

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